Styles of Yoga

There are many styles of yoga, but the one that I mainly focus on is Hatha Yoga (“Ha” means sun; “tha” means moon; “Hatha” therefore represents the union of opposites). In more advanced classes, aspects of Astanga (focus upon strength) and Iyengar (focus upon alignment) are also incorporated.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes, and an open and friendly atmosphere, create a comfortable setting for students of any age, flexibility, strength, religion or stage of life, so that every person is free to be who they are. I encourage students to breathe through their practice and to truly listen to the cues of their bodies and minds without judgement. I ensure that each student receives some individual, hands-on instruction within each session, ensuring the poses are done correctly and aligned well. From proper alignment, the student receives the maximum benefit, both physically and mentally.

Gentle Restorative Classes

The gentle, restorative classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 is geared specifically toward tired, stressed bodies at whatever age and stage you may be at. It is an opportunity to slow down, reflect, meditate and breathe fully, working towards stretching out tired, worn muscles. The class will flow into gently opening joints and energy channels releasing latent energy to help feel more refreshed, invigorated, yet relaxed. Working at your own individual pace, the latter part of class will move into a subtle rhythm for helping to strengthen the body through gentle poses. The class will end with a relaxation, aiding with absorption of the practice and hopefully a full night's sleep!

Moderate/Advanced Classes

The moderate/advanced classes on Monday and Wednesdays begin at 6:00 pm. These classes are a more vigorous yoga practice, starting with a meditation and warm up using fully engaged breath in sync to work toward a strengthening and invigorating flow and getting the heart beat up. In the latter part of the practice a cool down with some time to work on a challenging pose in each class. Savasana, or final relaxation, will help students meditate on where openings and changes have occurred, and provide an opportunity to allow the body/mind to be still and come into balance.


There are infinite benefits of a regular yoga practice, including the reduction of stress and greater peace of mind. Through a regular practice and vinyasa (flow), each individual will find the potential and space within themselves which sometimes lays dormant. They will find that they have more physical and mental strength, as well as flexibility. Yoga helps boost energy and vitality at any stage of life, and increases concentration and self discipline. It also helps to strengthen the heart and reduces high blood pressure. Through the paths of breath (pranayama), poses (asanas) and meditations (dhyana), students find a balance of mind, body and spirit.

To so many of you who have continued to practice your Yoga with Lucie and those of you who are new or considering to explore Yoga, a great thank you! What a wonderful opportunity for all of us to grow together!