I love, love, love yoga. My involvement with yoga has been very sporadic over the past 30 years, but once I started taking classes with Lucie 7 years. ago, there was no turning back. I am much older than most of the students but Lucie never treated me any differently than anyone else. Lucie's explanations and instructions about different poses are easy to follow and she always makes sure that we are in alignment so that we don't injure ourselves. This is very important to me. Lucie has a warm gentle spirit that puts everyone at ease and makes us feel we are truly "part of the universe". Her clear and calming voice makes our shavasana a truly relaxing time before we leave to go back into our daily lives. Since taking regular yoga classes, I not only feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Yoga has given me balance and strength. Yoga has given me an extra inch back in my height and better posture. Yoga has given me the courage to try new things and the confidence to believe that I can do them. I would definitely recommend yoga with Lucie to anyone at any age.


I have been attending Lucie's yoga classes for over 7 years. As a runner I was originally looking for something to improve my flexibility however her classes provide so much more. Along with improved flexibility I have improved balance, core, back and over all body strength. Learning and practicing the yoga breath has also improved my running as well as dealing with stressful situations. In Lucie's practice she diligent in ensuring that we in a pose correctly and adjusts us as necessary to avoid any injuries. Every class is a learning opportunity in developing and maintaining a strong healthy body and mind. Yoga is truly Lucie's calling, she asks for and is open to feedback and genuinely cares about her students.


Lucie has guided my yoga practice for a few years now - and the benefits to my well-being have been profound. She is very knowledgeable and passes on this knowledge to her students in a calm and nurturing fashion. With a focus on breathing and correct positioning, students are encouraged to work at their own pace - and we are often amazed at just how far along we have come.


Lucie is a master of her craft, blending the ancient tradition of yoga with fresh challenges at each and every class, all in a seamless flow. Her small class size and individualized attention means I always learn something new. This class goes beyond "exercise"; it has given me tools for improving everyday life.


I have practised yoga with Lucie for 7 years. She has led me down a path from beginner to more advanced classes but also to more self awareness. Lucie focuses on proper alignment in poses to prevent injury which I have found lacking with other teachers. We leave her classes feeling stretched, relaxed but also feel we have had a workout. I treasure Lucie as a guide in yoga but also as a friend.