About Lucie Cross

Since 3 years of age, I have had an interest in Yoga. My journey started when I turned on the TV to watch and join in. I enjoyed it so much and somehow knew, even then, that that was what I wanted to do in my life. Through my teen years, regular yoga practice, helped me stay centred and aided me in my struggles with chronic migraine headaches. As my practice evolved the pull to teach was even stronger. I wanted to share what I knew with others.

A background in physical education, anatomy, and teaching, helped prepare me for my career in yoga. Initially, I took an intensive yoga teacher training course with Shanti Yoga Teacher Training in 2003, and I became fully certified as a yoga instructor in 2007 after completing a year of training at Still Point Yoga Centre. I have been teaching full-time since 2006. Being interested in various tools for healing, I also delved into Reiki (Reiki level 3 certified), massage therapy and attitudinal kinesiology.

To me, Yoga is not only about the physical practice, it is a 5000 year-old art form which balances the mind, body and spirit. It is a practice rich in constant self-discovery and growth. “Yoga” means to Yoke or Unite. Through Yogic poses (asana), breath (pranayama), and meditations (dhyana), we open ourselves to the infinite beings that we are, and bring our strong, supple and balanced bodies and minds into our everyday lives.